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Cameroon: Fotso Victor donates 1 Billion FCFA for construction of Bafoussam Cathedral

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Cameroon’s business magnet Victor Fotso has donated a sum of 1 Billion FCFA to the Catholic church of Bafoussam as part of his contribution for the construction of a cathedral in the region.

The patriarch made the gesture yesterday in Banjoun during a thanks giving mass celebrated by the Bishop of Bafoussam Dieudonne Watio and his auxiliary Mgr Emmanuel Ndassi.

The multi-billionaire had promised to assist the Catholic Church in Cameroon, committed to the construction of a big Cathedral in Cameroon’s West region headquarters Bafoussam. As such, he made the promise to donate 1 Billion FCFA last May during a thanks giving mass in Bandjoun.

The construction of the said Cathedral in Bafoussam is reported to be evaluated at some 6 Billion FCFA and scheduled to end in beginning 2021.



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