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Cameroon: Four human bones traffickers caught red-handed in Douala

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Four individuals suspected of trafficking human skeletons are currently meditating on their fate after they fell into the drag net of elements of the Douala III Gendarmerie Brigade last July 21.


The four suspects aged 23 to 29 were arrested in an attempt to sell two bags of human bones in a hotel in Douala that could profit them FCFA 21 million if it were a success and presented to the State Prosecutor last Friday.

According to Commander Yves Robert Awoumou Owona who led the operation, thanks to a tip off from a reliable sources, his elements substituted themselves to buyers making it easier to get the suspects red-handed.

“Having received information on the illegal transaction, we got in touch with the traffickers and set up an ambush in the hotel where the delivery had to take place. They had set the price of the two bags of human skeletons at FCFA 21 million…” Commander Yves Robert Owona said.

One of the four suspects was expected to defend before a jury last July 24 but he couldn’t given that he was in police custody.

He and his colleagues are currently meditating their fate while waiting for judgement.





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