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Cameroon: Four arrested over burglary at Directorate General of Taxation

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Four suspected bandits accused of having broken into some offices of the recently inaugurated Directorate General of Taxation DGT head office in Yaounde early last Tuesday June 8 and taken away the sum of FCFA 380,000 have been apprehended by forces of law and order.


The four individuals including ex convicts, identified as Jean Marie Belibi, Ahmadou Bello, Alex Kana and Mengue Francky José, were presented to the press this Monday June 14 at the Centre regioanal gendarmerie Legion.

They were arrested following concerted efforts between police and gendarmerie units in the region.

According to the Centre regional gendarmerie Legion Commander, security elements were able to trace the culprits thanks to a phone abandoned in one of the ransacked offices on charge.

The phone, reported to be the element of communication between the burglar-brain behind the operation, Mengue Francky and the rest of the gang members outside the building went off and he put it on charge.

Unfortunately for him, he was caught red handed by a cleaning agent and he ran away, leaving behind the phone.

Two hours after, he is said to have retrieved his sim card without identification documents.

All these elements enabled security officers to apprehend him and his gang members.

Recounting how he came up with the burglary operation, Mengue Francky said it all began when he passed around the DGT one day at about 4pm and noticed the door leading to the balcony was opened.

He went behind the taxation building and found an opening leading to one of the buildings that could help him climb up to the balcony and from the balcony, into the main building of the DGT head office.

The break in operation he said lasted for four hours beginning from 1am.

The sum of FCFA 380,000 was taken away plus two hard drives.

Mengue Francky and his accomplices are currently gnashing their teeth in the police cell while waiting to face the law.

Published on 10.02.2021

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