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Cameroon: Four new suspected human bone traffickers arrested in West region

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A gang of four suspected to be human bone traffickers have been arrested and presented to the population of Koutaba, a locality in the Noun Division, West region of Cameroon, sources have said.

The four individuals are accused of having dug a good number of graves and extracted the human bones there in in the region.

According to sources, before their arrest by Gendarmerie officers in the region, they had profaned a tomb for a promised FCFA 10 Million amount.

Reports has it that even in possession of the bag containing the human bones, the suspected traffickers proved innocent to Gendarmerie officials.

Investigations have been opened to track down an alleged fifth gang member still in hidings.

The phenomenon of human bones trafficking is reportedly on a rise in Cameroon with individuals involved in the trade arrested in a more increased rate these months.


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