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Cameroon: Four pro-kamto supporters detained for calling for twin polls boycott

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Four supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party have been arrested and detained in a police station in Bagangte, Nde Division of the West region of Cameroon for brandishing tracts that call for the boycott of Sunday’s Legislative and Municipal elections.

The four individuals who include three men and a lady sources said are expected to appear in court this Thursday, February 6 2020 in Bangangte, West region of Cameroon.

According to reports, they were arrested Tuesday February 4, 2020 by security forces around the Gare routiere neighbourhood in Bagangte for brandishing tracts on which were boldly written the Nde says yes to elections boycott.

They were arrested following Territorial administration Minister Paul Atanga Nji’s threats to give severe administrative sanctions to anybody who will dare call for the boycott of Sunday’s twin elections.

While earlier confirming the twin elections will hold as planned, Minister Paul Atanga Nji had disclosed that it was the right for anybody to decide not to take part in the elections.

What he said will not be tolerated is the fact that one decides not to partake and incites others to do same.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement party had since announced its non-participation in the twin elections, advancing the security situation in the crisis-hit Anglophone regions and the poor electoral code as reasons for its boycott.



Published on 05.05.2023

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