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Cameroon: Four students arrested for stealing Kribi II D.O’s gun

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Four students aged between 17 and 19 are currently gnashing their teeth in police custody in Douala accused of stealing and selling the gun of Kribi II D.O in the South region, Solange Bitanga Bedga.


Sources say they were nabbed after a week of intense search of the gun declared missing by the owner.

The four suspects whose names we got as Auriol Keicha Ele Joseph, 17, Marcel Claude Eyenga Ela, 18, Gires Apiang, 19 and Ariel Harris Tanefo aged 19 are students of High schools in Kribi and Douala.

Reports say one of the suspects, Gires Apiang broke into the office of Kribi II D.O and took away a bag without checking the content thinking it was money.

When he noticed it was a gun inside, he called his friend, Joseph Auriol Keicha who led him to Douala to get in touch with a potential buyer.

In the meantime, the D.O who noticed the theft reported it Friday to the Dombe Gendarmerie Brigade and ordered the arrest of her driver and a mechanic which she suspected of having stolen the gun.

After investigations were carried by elements of the Kribi Central Police, Auriol and Gires were caught alongside two others and placed in custody in Douala.

The D.O’s driver and mechanic were latter on released after seven days in detention.

The four students are currently meditating on their fate at the Douala Central Police Station where they are detained.







Published on 10.02.2021

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