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Cameroon: Francis Ngannou takes heavyweight golden belt to native town, Batie

UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou (c) copyright
The world’s first African mixed martial arts heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Champion, Francis Ngannou was in his native land, Batie in the West region of Cameroon over the past weekend where he toured the streets with his golden belt.


Just like in Douala and Yaounde last end of month, the heavyweight champion received a warm welcomed from his people in Batie his native land, with the traditional ruler on the frontline.

The international athlete returned to Cameroon with the belt last April 26 to a heroic welcome by compatriots in the economic capital Douala.

Reports say it has always been his dream to keep his belt in a public place in Cameroon so kids will be encouraged to work hard and chase after theirs.

The 34-year-old is the third African-born champion in the UFC, and the first Cameroonian to hold UFC golden belt.

He has one of the most inspiring and touching stories world champions have got.

The heavyweight champion was forced to work in sand mines at the age of 10. He was later imprisoned in Spain for illegally crossing the border before becoming homeless and sleeping on the streets of Paris.

He is said to have traveled across multiple countries with the dream of becoming a professional boxer, encountering difficulties on his way.

His efforts seem to have paid off as today he is the first African to hold the mixed martial arts heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Championship belt.

One of his ambitions is to open sports centers all over Cameroon.

Published on 10.02.2021

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