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Cameroon: Free HIV/AIDS services go operational in hospitals

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A measure to implement the free screening, treatment and follow up of persons liviving with HIV/AIDS has gone operational.

The measure is effective in health centres in Cameroon since January 1 following an order from the Minister of Public Health.

The Ministerial order describes terms of access and monitoring of patients to HIV testing and services in public health facilities as well as their affiliated community health centres.

Thus some hospitals in Yaounde have started implementing the measures with consultations, follow up and prevention of related diseases for patients living with HIV/AIDS now free.

At the Yaounde Central Hospital, the measure is perfectly being implemented as a patients lined up for free consultation.

Medical personnel encountered at the hospital wre busy collecting the medical booklets of the patients who showed up for check up as well as going through their various medical records for a better follow up- all these free of charge.

A medical personnel on duty, Dr. Charles Kouanfack confirms they are not charging the patients and are working in strict compliance with the ministerial order. He added that the FCFA 5000 for follow up and FCFA 2500 for the CD4 have been scrapped off. A notice to that effect is clearly pasted on the notice board for all the patients to be aware.

« Before now, when I came here for treatment, I was ask to first of all go and pay a consultation fee of FCFA 1900 before they can attend to me but that is no longer the case. I have been attended to free of charge today, » a patient who had just completed a routine check for the month said.

The patient expressed gratitude to the government for always going the extra mile to respond to the needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Published on 28.04.2020

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