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Cameroon: Fru Ndi seeking audience with Biya over Anglophone crisis

Paul Biya has congratulated the SDF for their May 20 show

The Chairman of the Social Democratic Front Ni John Fr Ndi is reportedly seeking an audience with the Head of State Paul Biya to discuss possible solutions to end the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, sources have said.

Though the SDF and the Chairman have remained tight-lipped on the information, the party has recently said it will go as far as boycotting the next elections to force the regime seek solutions to the crisis.

The SDF Chairman has been on Biya’s neck to find take concrete decisions that will help solve the crisis and return things to normal.

One of such moves by Fru Ndi is a series of open letters to the Head of State where the Chairman insists the Head of State is not being given the right situation on the ground by his administrative and security officials.

In one of his letters on February 10, 2018 Fru Ndi said he is open for discussions with the Head of State though he has not been given any consideration so far.

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