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Cameroon: G20 opposition leaders praise Biya for releasing Anglophone detainees

G20 leaders met in Yaounde at the weekend (c)Journalducameroun.com

Leaders of the Pro-Biya opposition alliance have praised the Head of State for his decision to free 289 persons detained in connection to the crisis in the North West and South West region.

Meeting in Yaounde on Friday December 14, the G20 opposition leaders said the Head of State has taken a bold step in solving the crisis and have no doubt the situation will soon be brought under control.

“The G20 totally supports this move by the Head of State which potrays him as a statesman and a man of conviction with the interest of the nation at heart,” the leaders said in a statement.

They also praised the decision to create the disarmament committee which they said is another measures taken by the Etoudi chieftain to end the war in the Anglophone regions.

The leaders also called on the Head of State to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the recent Afcon preparations fiasco as well as set up a commission to begin preparing for 2021 which they think Cameroon should host.

Friday’s meeting was also an opportunity for the G20 leaders to elect their President and spokesman in the persn of Dr. Enow Benz of the Cameroon Democratic Party.

However, there appear to be a crack amongst the members of the alliance with the absence of key figures like Jean de Dieu Momo of the PADDEC, Hon. Bapooh Lipot of the UPC and Banda Kani.

However, Dr. Benz Bate said the quorum had been attained for them to elect an executive bureau and stressed the organisation remains open to all its members

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