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Cameroon-Gabon border closed after failed coup

Gabon has temporarily closed its border with Cameroon after since Monday January 7 after the failed coup attempt from a group of soldiers.

Business persons across both sides of the divide have remained stranded since the closure as many waiting patiently for authorities to open the borders.

“I am stranded since Monday. I came to Cameroon to spend the festive season with my family and I had to be back in Gabon this week to resume my activities there,” Leopoldine Nguemoe, a Cameroonian who owns businesses in Gabon says as she is forced to remain in Cameroon following the closure.

She however says she will have to look for an alternative means to reach Gabon eventhough she reckons it will be expensive than going by road.

At Kye Ossi, a border two between both countrie, trucks loaded with goods are lined up waiting for the borders to be opened.

Other business persons dealing in perishable goods have since opted to cut their lossess and auction out their goods given that the time frame of the closure is still unknown.

For the moment, calm has returned to Gabon after authorities said they had arrested the soldiers who attempted to stage the coup on Monday in Libreville.

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