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Cameroon: Gang of 12 suspected thieves arrested in Yaounde

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About 12 individuals suspected to belong to a gang of men of the underworld terrorising the population in Yaounde and surrounding localities have fallen into the dragnet of the police.


The gang constituting five thieves, three mechanics and four sales men were presented to the press Wednesday April 14 alongside some of their stolen items.

Police sources say they have been tracking them for some time now based on multiple complains from Yaounde inhabitants.

According to Police Commissioner Denis Nto, investigations carried out led them to a certain Joseph Marie Ombele who happens to be one of the brain behind the operations of the group.

A search was conducted at Joseph’s house in Minkan, a neighbourhood in Odza in Yaounde and stolen valuables were discovered including luxurious cars, 27 license plates and electronics belonging to their victims plus munitions.

The police commissioner later explained the mechanism and ingenuity behind the activities of the gang, he said it is a well-organized group with everyone having a specific function.

The thieves rob personalities in the society mainly cars, the mechanists transform the stolen vehicles and the salesmen on their part look for new clients to buy them.

They have all been placed in custody for onward questioning and consequently trial.

Published on 10.02.2021

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