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Cameroon: GCE 2021 narrowing to successful end

The 2021 session of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board, GCE 2021 is gradually narrowing to its end with no major issue recorded.

For two weeks now, over 170,000 students across the nation have been serenely writing the exams in the various centres across the country.

In the present health context marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, no case has been recorded so far among the candidates as the Registrar of the GCE Board, Dominic Dang Akuh took necessary meeasures to ensure the various centres respect COVID-19 barrier measures outlined by government.

Thus, the various centres have been respecting the 24-per-class measure while all writing centres have been equipped with hand-washing points, face masks and hand sanitisers.

GCE Registrar, Akuh Dominic Dang

Last week while visiting some of the writing centres, the Minister of Secondary Education, Professor Nalova Lyonga  was impressed with the dispositions put in place, describing the exercise as tradition respected.

The tradition has been fully respected and spectacularly in the English-speaking regions where the exercise has been going on smoothly with a sharp increase in the number of candiates. It is even more impressive taking into account the numbers in the two regions with over 20,000 canidates taking part in the NW Region as opposed to about 14,000 last year while over 30,000 candidates are taking part in the South West Region.

According to statistics from the GCE Board, 170 483 candidates are taking part in this year’s session; a remarkable increase from 154 149 ast year.

GCE Board Chair, Prof Leke Tambo

A break down of the statistics shows, 93 643 candidates are taking part at the Ordinary Levels this year as opposed to 85 975, in 2020.

At the GCE Advanced Level, 13 263 students have been taking part in the exercise, as opposed to 11 009 in 2020. Meanwhile, for the TVEE intermediate level a total of 55 580 are part of the exercise  as compared to 49 699 in 2020 while the TVEE Advanced  7 997 were on the starting blocks compared to 7 466 last year.

Published on 10.02.2021

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