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Cameroon-General Semengue: “Samuel Eto’o Is Not Sincere”

Samuel Eto'o and Pierre Semengue
Samuel Eto'o and Pierre Semengue

The former president of the Transitional Council of Professional Football reacts to the decision of the general assembly of FECAFOOT to definitively dissolve the LFPC for which he was also responsible.

Since the creation of the Professional Football League of Cameroon (LFPC) in 2010, the body has always had at its head, General Pierre Semengue. His mission was then to professionalize Cameroonian football. But, the retired army general was stopped in the middle of the race. It was firstly by Fécafoot under president Seidou Mbombo Njoya who had decided to dissolve the LFPC. The case was taken to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, where the governing body of football in Cameroon had been ordered to rehabilitate the League. Something that has never happened.
With the arrival of Samuel Eto’o as president of Fécafoot, many hoped for rehabilitation of the LFPC. Samuel Eto’o instead thought of setting up a Transitional Professional Football Council housed at FECAFOOT and led by General Pierre Séméngue. Then, the general assembly of Fécafoot decided to dissolve the LFPC on August 26, “I was only a flowerpot on the transitional council of professional football. It was Fécafoot that did everything,” informs the General at the microphone of Magic FM.
Pierre Semengue adds as relays of our colleagues from Allez Les Lions, the reasons which motivated him to accept Samuel Eto’o’s proposal for the management of the Council, “I thought that Samuel Eto’ o wanted to bring together football players, that’s why I accepted his outstretched hand trusting him. He promised me that I was there to normalize the league, but unfortunately, nothing was done, even the league’s money was recovered by FECAFOOT . I wanted things to work out but Eto’o is not sincere; he promises many things but nothing comes true.”
In addition, the very first president of the LFPC explains that FECAFOOT does not have the competence to dissolve the League, “the league is a legally and financially independent entity. The League is a member of Fécafoot, an association declared to the Minat. One association cannot dissolve another. I am surprised by the actions of my son Eto’o. He did not even warn me that he was going to validate the dissolution of the league,” said General Pierre Semengue.

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