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Cameroon: Germany urges govt to negotiate with Ambazonia separatists

Germany has urged the government of Cameroon to enter into direction negotiations with Ambazonia separatists for sustainable peace to reign in Cameroon.

Soldiers loyal to the government of Cameroon have been battling with separatist forces in the Anglophone regions for the past four years in a conflict that has claimed over 3000 lives according to United Nations figures.

The situation was on review on Wednesday, December 9 at the United Nations Security Council with members giving their diversed opinion on the situation.

According to the German Ambassador to the United Nations, Gunter Sautter, the best way to attain sustainable peace is for the government of Cameroon to enter into negotiations with the separatists.

“There will be no sustainable peace process without direct negotiations between the Cameroonian government and the separatists,” Ambassador Sautter said.

Last year, Swiss organisation, Humanitarian Dialogue announced it was open to mediate between both parties with a section of the separatist movement in favour of the initiative but the government of Cameroon remained mute. Several countries have given their backing to the process including Germany who think a will be a step in deescalating the conflict.

“We strongly support the Swiss-led mediation process, which aims to improve the conditions for such negotiations. Conflict parties must show resolve to deescalate and act in a spirit of compromise,” Ambassador Sautter stressed.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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