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Cameroon gets rapid Coronavirus test kits

Cameroon’s COVID-19 response strategy has received a big boost after the acquisition of 5.000 rapid test kits at the weekend.

The kilts offered by the Head of State were handed over to the Minister of Public Health on Thursday, May 7 by the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji.

The test kits, the Ministers revealed will enable health personnel to get results of patients in a maximum of fifteen minutes.

“They are very specific test kits offered by the Head of State and State and we can assure you that in fifteen minutes, health personnel will be able to get test results. I think this comes to eas their work and facilitate testing,” the Minister of Public Health Dr Malachie Manaouda said.

The Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda thanked the Head of State for the gesture and said the kits will be distributed to all medical centres across the country to accelerate and improve on the testing capacity. He added that Cameroon now has a capacity of 20.000 rapid test kits and more would be acquired in the days ahead.

To confirm the efficiency of the kits, the staff of the Ministry of Territorial Administration was tested and their results produced on the spot.

Both ministers then visited a makeshift laboratory at the second floor of the Ministry of Territorial Administration where the staff will take regular tests.


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