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Cameroon: Government bans Kamto’s rallies in Douala, Yaounde

The government of Cameroon has banned the next month’s rallies in Douala and Yaounde organised by the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Maurice Kamto.

Kamto who was released from jail earlier this month was supposed to make his first public appearance during a meeting scheduled for November 2 at the esplanade of the Omnisports stadium in Yaounde.

However, the Divisional Officer of Yaounde V Iyong Iyong has banned the meeting urging the party to first seek authorisation from the Minister of Sports and Physical Education and the Director of the Yaounde Omnisports Stadium to use the venue.

Maurice Kamto had equally scheduled another meeting for November 9 in Douala but the Divisional Officer of Douala V who said in a communiqué that the CRM party did not have authorisation from the owners of the venue (Stade Bonamoussadi).

He also urged the party to wait for the installation ceremony of the new Divisional Officer of Douala V before sending another application, accompanied by an authorisation from the proprietor of the venue where the meeting will take place.

Published on 10.02.2021

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