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Cameroon: Government Condemns Killing of Six Civilians in Muyuka

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The Minister of Communication, René Emmanuel Sadi in a press release explains the circumstances of the attack and the indignation of the government.

The government communication issued on 7 September gives details and figures on the a bus carrying civilians who was attacked in South West region. “On 6 September 2022, at around 2pm on the Buea-Kumba road, at Mile 30, in the Muyuka, a gang of heavily armed terrorists opened fire on a Golden Express bus coming from Douala with 14 passengers on board, including seven women and seven men”.

According to the government spokesman, the death toll from this attack is six. “A woman, named OBA DILONGA and five men: TABI Enow, ACHIDI Abel, YANCHO Francis Neba, the driver, KENNETH and an unidentified victim”; apart from these deceased, eight others were injured, including six women. They are ‘Mongo Moungoage; NGOYANA Bridget; Stella TANGIN; FONBA Sharon; AYAKE Menye; TANTYI Tracy’. The two injured men are “Randy ESSOH and Michael CHI”.


According to the government, “all the dead and wounded have been transported to the morgue of the Buea Regional Hospital where they are currently being treated,” the statement said.

In this document, the government of the Republic condemns in the strongest terms this cowardly and despicable attack perpetrated against innocent civilians by terrorists who have lost all humanity, with the aim of spreading terror among the population and thus compromising a promising start to the school year in the South West region. The government, through René Emmanuel Sadi, expresses its indignation and sends the condolences of the Head of State to the families of the victims and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.

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