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Cameroon: Government creates commission to investigate Sonara fire

Fire fighters putting off fire (c) copyright

The government of Cameroon has created a technical commission of inquiry to investigate the cause of the recent fire outbreak at the Cameroon’s National oil refinery Company, Sonara.

The commission created on high instructions of the President of the Republic was set up Tuesday June 11, 2019 by Prime Ministrial degree and is headed by the Minister of Water and Energy Gaston Eloundou Essomba.

The Minister and his squad were given 30days beginning yesterday to determine the cause, establish responsibilities relating to the fire, evaluate the management of the fire and make any relevant proposals on how to prevent such future disasters.

The commission is made up of 12 members from different administrations.

On Friday May 31, 2019, fire consumed four of the 13 units of productions at Sonara, leading a suspension of works. After meeting with the management of Sonara, the Government reassured the population the incident would in no way affect the prices of petroleum products.


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