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Cameroon: Government crusades for respect of intellectual property

The government of Cameroon has called for the respect of intellectual property in order to enable artists and creators benefit fully from their works.

The call was made by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Pierre Bidoung Mkpatt on Thursday, April 23 as Cameroon joined the rest of the world to celebrate the 25 edition of the International Book and Copyright Day.

The day celebrated under the theme “reading so as never to feel alone again”, the Minister of Arts and Culture lauded the efforts of Cameroonian writers in authors in improving Cameroonian culture through their works.

However, he frown at habits that hinder the progress of this culture such as plagiarism and said authors can only thrive in an environment where intellectual property is fully respected.

“The protection of intellectual property by all is necessary by banning in our habits the use of counterfeit products, for the benefit of the original products. We have to be in solidarity with each other, in order to build a copyright society in which everyone is compensated for their work,” the Minister of Arts and Culture said.

“It is only on this condition, that we will together; build a just society anxious to reinforce a lasting peace while consolidating the harmonious living-together which is the reality of the effort of each citizen,”  he added.

For artists to better protect their works, the Minister of Arts and Culture called on them to pool their rich experiences and precious skills through Structured National Associations or federations according to the disciplines that arise from their fields of activity to contribute the more to the promotion of Arts and Culture.

Published on 28.04.2020

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