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Cameroon: Government justifies military’s burning of houses in Alachu

In a Communique signed Thursday May 16, the Minister of Defense Joseph Beti Assomo justified the burning of a church, clinic and houses by military men in Alachu, Mankon in the North West region of Cameroon on Wednesday May 15.

Minister Joseph Beti Assomo explained that after the killing of two soldiers on patrol in Alachu, Mankon by Ambazonia fighters, colleagues of the deceased, chased the fighters and met with “other unidentified men”.

“This led to shootings and in the confused atmosphere, some houses were set on fire and properties destroyed”. The Minister stated in the press release.

Disclosing that investigations had been opened to determine those who destroyed the houses, Joseph Beti Assomo promised the government would compensate the affected population.



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