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Cameroon: Government Plans To Stop Teachers Automatic Integration

By 2023, the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform could organise a national exam for the integration of teachers who have graduated from training schools.

From the year 2023, admission to the competitive examination for the secondary teachers training schools will no longer guarantee integration into public service. The Ministers in charge of Higher Education and the Public Service adopted this resolution on May 11 at the end of a working session held in Yaounde. Jacques Fame Ndongo and Joseph Le sent their “proposals” to the Minister Secretary-General of the Prime Minister’s office by correspondence on May 19.

In this co-signed document, the two ministers took six resolutions. Among which, those of “considering the year 2022 as a transitional year during which the minister would organise competitive exams for ENS and ENSET; so as to maintain the rights acquired by students admitted until 2022, which will automatically be integrated into the the public service at the end of their training.

The other resolution is to “separate from the year 2023, the training functions and that of integration into the Public Service; which implies that the minister of Higher Education will continue to hold the entrance examinations in the eight ENS and ENSET while the that of Public Service will proceed to the organization of the direct examinations for the integration of Ens and Enset graduates into the State civil service, taking into account the needs expressed by the Ministry of Secondary Education, in respect to budgetary availability.

However, in an outing denouncing the dissemination of this correspondence, the Minister of State Minister for Higher Education speaks of “proposals”. According to Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, “this is a joint proposal by two members of the government subject to the high sanction of their hierarchical superior. No decision has yet been made”, specifies the Chancellor of Academic Orders.

These proposals nevertheless fall into a context where teachers claim the payment of the salary supplement, the regularization of advancements, hardship bonuses and others. At the same time, there is a serious shortage of teachers in general and technical secondary schools.

Published on 30.06.2022

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