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Cameroon : Government Pleads With Teachers To Stop Strike Action against Back to School

Teacher's strike

A meeting between the government and trade unions in the education sector was held on 24th August in Yaounde.


This was revealed in a letter dated 19 August, signed by the Minister of Secondary Education and addressed to all leaders of teachers’ unions. Minesec Nalova Lyonga chaired this “consultation on the teachers’ strike notice”.

The government is trying to defuse a movement that could compromise the next school year scheduled for 5 September. On August 15, the movements of secondary school teachers (OTS) and primary school teachers On a too long wait (OTA) as well as the Union of Cameroonian Teachers for Africa  signed a joint letter of “notice of strike for the start of the school year“. The letter was addressed to the Prime Minister and Ministry of Secondary Education.

During this sitting, Minister Nalova Lyonga pleads the educational actors gives time to the government to settle their demands while they occupy their respective functions as schools resume. The trade union member where skeptical about halting the planned trike action, but reluctantly agreed on postponing the strike on a condition that thr govt act immediately in making living conditions better for them. Further details where not unveiled to the press.

In this document, the signatories announced that if nothing is done to resolve the teachers’ demands, “the strike will begin with the boycott of the start of the 2022/2023 school year, continue with the boycott of the first term General Assembly and continue with the ‘dead chalk’ operation”.

OTS, OTA, and Seca list 28 grievances in their letter. These include the payment of all the arrears due to teachers, the pure and simple abolition of the 2/3 and 1/3 system in pay advances, the automation of financial effects and the revision of the special status of teachers.

These demands were already contained in the reasons for the strike launched by OTS last January. After several consultations, the government made some commitments. But according to the teachers, it has not respected them all. Hence this new strike.

Published on 05.05.2023

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