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Cameroon: Government resorts to rationing of power supply as current remedy to blackout in Yaounde

Rationing calendar from ENEO (c) copyright

The government of Cameroon has resorted to the rationing of power supply as a current remedy to the power cuts which have englobed its political capital, Yaounde into darkness for more than a week now.

Going by a calendar made public yesterday by the National electricity company ENEO, the provision of electricity in some neighbourhoods in Yaounde have been rationed to enable homes suffering from the blackout to have electricity at a given time.

According to the calendar, ENEO has proposed four different time schedules where in electricity would be dispatched to the different affected neighbourhoods. These schedules include 6am to midday, midday to 6pm, 6pm to midnight and midnight back to 6am.

Some Yaounde residents have expressed dissatisfaction with this schedule owing to the fact that it still does not supply them with electricity.

Speaking in a joint press conference yesterday in Yaounde, the Minister of Communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi disclosed that this rationing plan is the only backup solution while waiting for a complete repair of the damaged electrical substation.

On Wednesday August 7, 2019, a fire incident occurred on the technical facilities of the electrical substation in the Melen neighbourhood, putting part of Yaounde in total blackout.

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