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Cameroon: Government To Evaluate Actions Made In Favor Of Children

On the sidelines of the celebration of the African Child Day, the Minister of Social Affairs, Pauline Irène Nguene, presented last Tuesday, May 31, the activities and the different articulations of the 32nd edition of this event.

For this year, the day of the African child is placed under the theme, “Elimination of harmful practices affecting children: progress on policies and practices since 2013”. Scheduled to be celebrated on June 16, the Day of the African Child will provide an opportunity to appreciate the actions carried out by the Cameroonian authorities for the protection of children. For Minister Pauline Irène Nguene, as a prelude to the celebration, it is all about analyzing efforts to tackle harmful practices affecting this social stratum, over the past ten years.
These harmful practices are, in particular, female genital mutilation, early or forced marriage of young girls, economic and/or sexual exploitation of children, various forms of abuse, situations of child abandonment, or discriminatory treatment of children of minority groups such as vulnerable indigenous populations, degrading rites, among others.
For the Minister of Social Affairs, “this is, therefore, an opportunity to take a break to assess the actions taken by the government in favour of the child for his well-being and development. But above all, to look into the future to learn lessons. It is, therefore, a question of raising awareness once again, all the actors of the chain on the commitment that Cameroon has made to respect the rights of the child and ensure his well-being and his development” explained Pauline Irène Nguene.
The day of the African child will be held as part of the work of the first session of the National Commission for the protection of children in danger, delinquent or abandoned. With several workshops, conferences-debates and educational talks, these two joint events will also allow us to focus on harmful practices against children in Cameroon by taking stock of the situation.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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