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Cameroon : Government to Recruit 1,000 Social Media Experts to Combat Hate Speech

Cameroon fights hate speech on all social media platforms
Cameroon fights hate speech on all social media platforms

The Ministry of Youth and Civic Education launched on , January 16, 2023 a call for applications for the recruitment of “1,000 e-volunteers” that will be called “patriots of social networks”.



The “patriots of social networks are called to participate online in the adoption of good behavior, good attitudes, and the promotion of harmonious living together,” reads the job description of these patriots. They will also have to work on the “propagation” on social networks of “messages on the adoption of civic and patriotic behaviors as well as information on projects and programmes for the socioeconomic integration of young people and relevant government opportunities for young people“. In addition to the fight against hate speech and fake news, this government regiment will have to fight cyber crime, cyber harassment and cyber prostitution.

However, not everyone can claim to be a government cyber patriot. You have to be at least 18 years old, but above all you have to “have sites or profiles on the internet and social networks with a minimum of 1,000 followers, shares, likes and views“, among other things.

Faced with the hostility that has developed on the web, the government has often been suspected of having set up its own “cyber militia” to give the impression that it is not.

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