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Cameroon: Gov’t urged to federate Universal Health Coverage scheme

Dr. George Bwelle proposing how UHC can be attained in Cameroon

The government of Cameroon has been urged to adopt a federal approach in implementing the Universal Health Coverage projected to be effective by 2030.

During a panel discussion organised by the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation, experts were unanimous the scheme can only be effective with a collective effort but called on the government to take more action to make this a reality for all.

One of such concrete actions is to federate the Universal Health Coverage by allowing the various regions have a greater say in managing their scheme, one of the main speakers, Professor Wilfred Mbacham said.

The Universal Health Covergae in Cameroon has been partitioned into phaseS which will see the scheme fully implement by 100 percent after 2030.

However, Prof. Mbacham is of the opinion that a Universal Health Coverage can not be fully operation in the present dispensation in Cameroon and advised the government adopts what he described as a Comprehensive Health approach.

In order to achieve the goal, he called on all stakeholders involved to be proactive and said issues relating to surgery must be taken seriously.

His view was buttressed by Doctor George Bwelle who has had first hand experience of surgical problems in rural areas in Cameroon.

Dr. Bwelle and his team of volunteers of his association Ascovime carry out about 1200 free surgery per year in rural areas and believes Cameroon has the necessary resources to put in place a Universal Health Coverage scheme that will benefit all especially persons in the rural areas who don’t have the means.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, Universal Health Coverage would be implemented in stages with first phase targetting children between the ages of 0 to 5 years, pregant women and persons living with chronic diseases.

Dr. Epie Terence gave a nod of approval for this first phase as he believes the scheme is very important to mothers and children because it could go a long way to reduce infant and maternal mortality by a combined 35 percent.

While the Universal Health Coverage goes through the various stages, the experts have called for a national solidarity from the various stakeholders to ensure effective implementation. They equally called on the government to take measures combatting road side drugs.

Published on 28.04.2020

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