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Cameroon: Government announces outbreak of polio in Far North region

The Ministry of Public health has informed the public on the occurrence of a new polio epidemic case in Mada, Far North region of Cameroon, expressing worries on the spread of the virus which constitute a public health danger.

In a release dated May 29, 2019, the Ministry of Public Health says the poliovirus type 2 has been detected in an environmental sample in Mada, Far North Region of Cameroon.

The public health Ministry expresses worries that the spread of the virus which constitute a public health emergency of international concern could jeopardise the progress already made in the polio eradication process.

As such, it urges the population to support actions of the government and its development partners to eradicate the spread.

The ministry equally invites them to participate fully to the different vaccination activities that will follow as response. In the same light, he recommends strict respect of basic hygiene rules and the respect of vaccination schedules.

Meantime, the government through the Ministry of public health has undertaken to stop within 90days, the spread of the virus within the population throughout the National territory and beyond our borders.

Published on 10.02.2021

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