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Cameroon: Governors Hold Semi Annual Conference on Security, Health, Inflation

governors conference
Governors conference

The first bi-annual conference of regional governors, which is being held from 8th to 9th August in Yaounde engulfs three core presentations by ministers. The first presentation will be delivered jointly by the Secretary of State to the Minister of Defence in charge of the Gendarmerie and the Delegate General for National Security.


The two members of government will elaborate on the ‘evaluation of the security situation in the country‘. The Gendarmerie and the National Police are indeed involved in serious crime, but also in conflicts in the Far North, North West and South West and these defence and security forces are placed under the authority of governors in the regions.

The ten governors will also listen to the Minister of Commerce elaborate on “the measures taken or envisaged to fight inflation“. The country is suffering from rising food and service prices as a result of the various crises in the world. To fight inflation, the Minister of Trade has often called on governors to limit the export of essential products for local consumption.

Finally, the Minister of Public Health will brief the governors on ‘the implementation of the national multisectoral plan to fight against fake medicines and illicit trafficking in pharmaceutical products’.

Later, each governor will present the situation in his or her region and propose solutions or raise grievances. The biannual conference of governors is chaired by the Minister of Territorial Administration. Updates and resolutions of this meeting are yet to be processed.


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