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Cameroon: Gov’t authorises anti-Kamto march in Yaounde

Sideview of Cameroon's capital city, yaounde ©All rights reserved

The Divisional Officer of Yaounde 1, has granted an authorisation to a group of person who intend to march in Yaounde against the protests over the weekend which left properties destroyed at Cameroon embassies in Paris and Berlin.

The march organised by a group of Cameroonians under the leadership of a certain Eteme Robert will take place on February 1.

The will take place from the City council premises to the Governor’s Office in Yaounde, the Divisional Officer of Yaounde 1 said in a letter authorising the march.

The decision from authorities to authorize the march has drawn widespread criticisms from political actors who argue that administrative officials are quick to ban any protest from opposition parties or movements that do not tie with their narrative.

The Social Democratic Front has already said it will equally march on the same day and use the same itinerary which will be used by the authorised group.

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