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Cameroon: Gov’t cautions citizens to continue respecting Coronavirus measures

Entrance to Yaounde Central Hospital hosting Coronavirus isolation centre (c) copyright

The government of Cameroon has called on the population for increased vigilance and strict respect of the measures in place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

The call was made by the Minister of Public Health at the weekend following a decision from the Head of State to lift the ban on some measures that were put in place.

While Cameroonians have welcomed this decision, they have however been warned this is by no means a pass to adopt uncivic behavior that will instead help in the spread of the virus.

“Following the measures published by the Head of Government, I call on the populations to show more responsibility and to strictly observe the barrier measures. Any contrary attitude could contribute to an outbreak of the epidemic,” the Minister of Public Health Dr Malachie Manaouda said.

Yaounde City dwellers welcome lift of measures

The decision last weekend by government to relax some of the measures was unanimously greeted by most Yaounde city dwellers who see it as a new lease of life.

Night life has immediately returned in several hot corners and neighbourhoods around the city as most drinking spots immediately swung into action.

Most owners of snack bars immediately moved to clean their places and anticipation for “thirsty” customers.

“It has been a very difficult period for us because it was really not easy staying at home. I thank the government for this measure but I will now ensure my clients keep respecting the measures implace. I have already installed a hand washing point where they must use before getting in,” Emmanuel Akono, manager of a snack bar at the Rond Point Express neighbourhood said.

The transport sector which has been one of the most hit by the outbreak of the virus equally say they are relieved with the relation of the measures but say they will continue respecting the measures in place.

Most taxi drivers in town have gone back to their normal load of passengers but most insist their clients have face masks before getting on board.

All ten Regions now affected

As Cameroonians go about their daily activities, the dangers of the COVID-19 still loom large as the entire nation is now affected by the virus.

The Far North Region which until now had not been affected recorded its first case at the weekend as authorities are now tracing the contacts for testing.

“The Far North Region has just registered its first confirmed case. Contact tracing is in progress. Now is the time more than ever to strictly observe the barrier measures and the mandatory wearing of the mask. Protect yourself and protect us,” the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda said.

The situation in the North West Region keeps on rising with 11 cases now recorded and one death according to the Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Christopher Nsoh.

The cases were recorded following the testing of 58 samples in the region while the one case who died is a 59-year old whose sample was collected on April 30 but died even before his result could be produced and was immediately buried, Dr Nsoh said.

He called on the entire population of the North West Region to limit inter-urban travels and scrupulously respect the hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

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