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Cameroon: Gov’t condemns ‘sexual abuse’ on 18-yr-old Malicka Bayemi

Malicka and Martin Camus Mimb after getting book orthograph (c) copyright
The Government of Cameroon has strongly condemned the sexual abuse of an 18-year-old girl identified as Malicka Bayemi who is currently at the center of a sex tape scandal implicating renowned sports commentator, Martin Camus Mimb.


The phenomenon of sexual abuse on children and young girls and the immoral use of their images on social media was the core of a press briefing granted by the Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Prof Marie Therese Abena Ondoa this Wednesday June 23.

In her speech, the Prof mentioned the most recent of such cases, the sex scandal currently animating debates on social media, implicating journalist Martin Camus Mimb, one of his friends and an 18-year-old girl, reported to be the victim.

She indicated that Malicka was sexually abused by her assailants, the act was taped and then images and videos shared on social media on Wednesday June 16, a day that was observed as that of the African Child.

“These acts, which rob our children of their dignity, are increasingly frequent and are the subject of unspeakably violent commentary, and the victims become vulnerable to mob justice…” Prof Marie Therese Abena said.

“The act in itself is already despicable, but publishing it is even more so and it is punishable by our penal code…I wish to seize this opportunity to strongly denounce these heinous and unethical acts which turns the young woman into an object, transforming her into a sex toy devoid of any value.” She added.

The publication of the sex tape which shows Malicka alone in Martin Camus’ office sparked outrage and condemnation on social media, especially after revelations made by popular whistle blower Boris Bertolt on how it all happened, indicating the girl was drugged with alcohol and made to have non-consensual sex with the journalist and his friend simultaneously.

The journalist who at first denied the allegations has since remained silent.

In the meantime, criticisms keep pouring out with many calling for his arrest.


Published on 10.02.2021

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