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Cameroon: Gov’t finally reacts to US AGOA sanction

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The Government of Cameroon has refuted allegations of US President Donald Trump accusing its defence forces of human right violations and extra-judicial killings in the two crisis-hit English speaking regions of the country.

Reacting to Donald Trump’s decision to terminate the country’s trade benefit under the African Growth and Opportunity Act, AGOA yesterday in Yaounde, the Government spokesperson, Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi described the allegations as unfounded and instead blamed the abuses on Ambazonia fighters.

“The US decision is nothing less than an unfair trial against an army that has always and ambiguously assumed its mission in strict compliance with the conventions and the essential roles imposed by the exercise of the military profession…”

Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi said US decision is based on facts distorted by some “unpatriotic’ Cameroonians aimed at tarnishing the image of the country and recalled the reasons why the army was deployed in the two crisis-hit English speaking regions of Cameroon.

“It is important to recall the major reasons that compelled the Government of the Republic to ensure a consistent presence of our defence forces in the North West and South West regions…to preserve the territorial integrity of Cameroon against separatists who took up arms against the Republic, to ensure the security of persons and property in the regions concerned…”

Disclosing that on the side line of the crisis, the Cameroon defence and security forces have always stood out as the people’s army, Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi noted that their actions will continue in strict respect of the law.

“The Government reaffirms that these missions have been fulfilled and will continue to be fulfilled by the elements of our defence and security forces with responsibility, tact and professionalism and with due respect of human rights…”

Notwithstanding US AGOA sanction, the Government of Cameroon has reaffirmed the interest and commitment it has to the friendship and ties existing between the two nations.


Published on 10.02.2021

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