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Cameroon: Gov’t frowns against social media tirades aimed at French Ambassador

Communications Minister Rene Sadi hits back at EU Parliament resolutions

The government of Cameroon has frowned at social media tirades aimed at the French Ambassador Christophe Guilhou.

In a statement released by the Minister of Communication, spokesperson of the Government, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, government calls on those circulating such write ups on social media to refrain from the acts.

Below is the full statement from the Minister of Communication;

“The Government of the Republic has taken cognizance of a text circulating on social media, outrageously pointing an accusing finger at the Ambassador of France to Cameroon, His Excellency Christophe GUILHOU, following the audience granted to him by the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, HIS EXCELLENCY PAUL BIYA, on April 16, 2020, at the Unity Palace.

This text is addressed to the President of the French Republic by some groupings of the Cameroonian diaspora asking him to relieve the French Ambassador of his duties, under the false pretext of interference in Cameroon’s internal affairs.

Denying the reality of the presidential audience, these individuals claim in substance, that the French Ambassador has lent himself to an audiovisual montage aimed at demonstrating to national and international public opinion that Cameroon is rather well governed with republican institutions that function normally and under the remarkable leadership of the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, HIS EXCELLENCY PAUL BIYA.

The Government is outraged, to say the least, at the irresponsible and irreverent behavior of incorrigible citizens who allow themselves to take sides with an Ambassador of a friendly country in the full exercise of his duties, and who, therefore, deserves all the respect due to his status as a legal and legitimate representative.

Needless to remind these fellow citizens that their thoughtless actions do not honour them and, with regard to the audience in question, the Ambassador of France to Cameroon was indeed received in audience by the President of the Republic, HIS EXCELLENCY PAUL BIYA, on April 16, 2020, at the Unity Palace, so much so that the idea of a so-called staging can only be a mere fabrication and fantasy.

Following this audience, the Ambassador of France stressed on the excellent ties between France and Cameroon and reiterated France’s commitment to support our country in the implementation of the National Strategy for Prevention and Response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government of the Republic therefore categorically debunks the ungrounded allegations of rogue small groups and unreservedly denounces the numerous ungrounded threats directed against the Ambassador of France on social media.

Similarly, he warns these recidivist small groups against any act likely to harm, in any form whatsoever, this plenipotentiary worthy of respect, or to hinder the successful accomplishment of his esteemed mission in Cameroon.

In any case, the Government intends to take all necessary measures to preserve the security of members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Cameroon, in strict compliance with the international conventions to which

Cameroon is a party./.
Yaoundé, on 22 April 2020
(Signed) The Minister of Communication,

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