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Cameroon: Gov’t maintains only five civilians died in Ngarbuh incident

Communications Minister Rene Sadi hits back at EU Parliament resolutions

The Government of Cameron has denied allegations of the killing of at least twenty civilians in Ngarbuh, North West region of Cameroon as advanced by some international organisations.

Government spokesperson,  Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi in a press briefing on Tuesday maintained the stance earlier advanced by the Minister of Defence-refutes allegations of any massacre of the population in Ngarbuh.

According to him, armed gangs that were wreaking havoc in many localities in the North West region “took refuge in a peripheral hamlet called Ngarbuh to set up their rear base there and reorganize the racketeering of users while perpetrating unspeakable abuses on the road leading to Ntumbaw.”

Rene Emmanuel Sadi siad  during a reconnaissance operation by defence and security forces in that separatist base they were violently attacked by a group of heavily armed individuals.

“They responded vigorously and professionally, neutralizing seven assailants and routing other individuals from the other armed secessionist group…”

According to the government spokesperson, it is during these clashes that fire broke out in a fortified shelter that contained explosives and inflammable materials stored by the armed rebels.

The fire is said to have extended to nearby dwellings, killing five people, including one woman and four children, far from the twenty two deaths advanced by the United Nations.

Reiterating that the Cameroonian army is there on a legal and legitimate mission to protect the population at the price of their lives, Rene Emmanuel Sadi disclosed they are once again victims of ungrounded stigmatisation.

The reaction of  the government comes after several international organisations and human rights activists said at least 22 persons were killed in the tragedy including women and children and called for an independent investigation to be carried out.



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