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Cameroon: Gov’t pays homage to foreign partners in fight against COVID-19

Cameroon has hailed its partner for their constant support which has yielded measurable success in the fight against the COVID-19.

In recent weeks, Cameroon has recorded one of the highest recovery rates on the continent with about 94,1 percent, thanks to a series of measures taken by the government which have effectively been put in place.

However, according to the Ministry of Public Health, this success could not have reached the heights it has attained without the support from partners, who stood with Cameroon since the first case was announced.

“Our response is yielding results. Several friendly countries, WHO, other UN agencies, international NGOs and Bmgf Jackma Foundations have helped us to achieve these results, these good results. All these international partners are aware of our ability to continue to reduce the transmission of the virus,” Dr Alain Georges Etoundi Mballa, Director of Disease Control at the Ministry of Public Health said at Monday’s daily briefing on the epidemiological situation.

He proceeded to outline some key partners whose supports being it in research, didactic material or financial assistance have been essential to the fight against the pandemic.

To start with, Dr Etoundi Mballa stressed the impeccable role played the Emergency Operations Unit I coordinating field work. This centre, he said is the outcome of the smooth and fruitful cooperation between Cameroon and the USA through the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, the USAID and DTRA.

All through the response, Cameroon has had the necessary kits available thanks to the support of UN agencies through the coordination of the World Health Organiation and UNICEF. They also helped to reinforce the capacities of actors on the ground as well as provide national and international expertise to strengthen the response strategy. The Jack Ma foundation, World Bank, China, European Union…also provided financial and material support as well as other regional and sub regional organizations.

All these support show the trust and confidence partners have in working with Cameroon, Dr Etoundi Mballa said while challenging Cameroonians to reciprocate the trust by continuing to respect the barrier measures in order to avoid any spike of the virus and completely flatten the curve going forward.

Published on 28.04.2020

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