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Cameroon: Gov’t satisfied with measures to counter rumours around COVID-19

Coronavirus care centres inaugurated in Douala to boost response (c) copyright

Public Health authorities have expressed satisfaction at the proper management of information since the outbreak of the COVID-19 which has helped to counter rumours around the disease.

This was the main focus on Tuesday’s daily press briefing at the Public Health Emergency Operations Coordination Centre in Yaounde.

According to Dr Linda Esso, Sub Director in Charge of Pandemics and Epidemics said it has been a collective effort from various stakeholders and the community to fight rumours and misinformation since the start of the pandemic.

“To date, we can be satisfied with the results achieved since the beginning of the response, thanks to the combined efforts of the government, populations and partners,” Dr Esso said.

“We have more detailed information on this new disease which is severely affecting our social life, particularly concerning the mode of transmission and means of prevention. This enables us to continue (with) the safe resumption of socio-economic activities,” she added.

She however cautioned the population to continue trusting information from official source as they have been doing all along in order to avoid being misinformed at a time when Cameroon is recording a positive outcome in the fight against the pandemic.

She equally turned her attention to community immunization against the virus as she warned the population to continue respecting the barrier measures because it is possible to contract the virus for the second time which could even be more severe with some patients, citing the cases of some countries in the West with new infections.

Published on 28.04.2020

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