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Cameroon: Gov’t sends out invitations to diaspora Ambazonia leaders ahead of Major National Dialogue

The government of Cameroon has sent out invitations to Ambazonia leaders and activists in the diaspora to attend the Major National Dialogue.

The Major National Dialogue runs from September 30 to October 4 at the Yaoune Conference Centre.

Ahead of the event, invitations have been sent out to the various stakeholders including separatist leaders and actimvists in the diaspora.

The activists have taken to social media to display the invitations while rubbishing it as they call for the government to release all those arrested if it is really serious to dialogue with separatists.

One of the activists, Mark Bareta laughed off his invitation and said it is an attempt from the government to arrest separatists by enticing them to come for dialogue.

Analysts equally opine that the government can not invite the diaspora separatists leaders without guaranteeing their safety and security.

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