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Cameroon: Gov’t signs partnership to reinforce border security in fight against COVID-19

The government has taken measures to reinforce measures measures at the various borders in order to bar the way to the COVID-19.

To that effect, the Minister of Public Health, Dr. MANAOUDA Malachie chaired on June 18, 2020 in the conference room of his ministerial department, the signing of the convention of delegation of service between the Government of Cameroon and Korean company MediTest.

The objective of this convention is to set up Covid-19 test devices and the disinfection/decontamination at the various borders of the country.

The Minister of Public Health Dr Malachie Manaouda signed the convention on behalf of Cameroon while Yoon SungUK signed for the Korean company in the presence of the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Jules Doret Ndongo and the Korean Ambassador to Cameroon, Kim Jonghan.

According to Dr Malachie Manaouda, the Korean company is expected to start in the weeks ahead and will have as main duty to reinforce health security at the borders by carrying out COVID-19 tests, and disinfecting border zones like airports, seaports and other borders.

However, they will start activities effectively at the Douala and Nsimalen International Airports where they will be charged with receiving passengers and redirecting them to the COVID-19 information and testing centres. They will get the necessary information from the passengers to check whether they came in contact with a suspected case in the course of their journey.

While boarding or arrival, the company will have to disinfect the luggage of passengers and ensure they present a COVID-19 test not older than 72 hours. Passengers who must have tested positive of the COVID-19 will have to be redirected to the prescribed specialized health centres.

Published on 28.04.2020

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