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Cameroon Gov’t Takes Initiatives For Permanent Seizure of Motorbikes in Yaounde .

Motobike taxis banned from crossing centre town

The administrative and municipal authorities are planning to confiscate motorbike taxis of those who violate the ban on driving in the centre of the political capital.

After sensitisation, support and tolerance, the administrative authorities are moving up a gear. From now on, the seized motorbikes will be auctioned. Indeed, a few days ago, the DO of the  Mfoundi Division Emmanuel Mariel Ndjikdent again took the measure of banning the circulation of motorbikes for taxi use in the centre of the city of Yaounde. This measure took effect on Thursday, June 9, 2022.

It is also worth noting that since the first time this ban was imposed, offenders are liable to have their two-wheeled vehicles seized. Except that, until now, they had the possibility to remove them by paying a fine as provided for by the law. However, despite these measures, motorbike drivers continue to ride in prohibited areas, in defiance of the regulations and the municipal police.

As a result, the authorities have taken the resolution to ensure the enforcement of the ban. “The main roads leading to the city centre are being stormed by the law enforcement forces who are preventing the progress of motorbike taxis towards the urban centre. When these forces seize the motorbikes, the commune ensures their transport”, explains the mayor of the commune of Yaoundé 5 Augustin Bala.

To reinforce this rule, the sanction is increasingly heavy. “For this operation, the seized motorbikes will not be returned; at least not as easily. Because we have to limit it. And to reduce the number of motorbikes, it is necessary that the seizures are final to be auctioned where necessary, “said the municipal magistrate on the airwaves of the national station of Crtv.

As a reminder, it is because of their indiscipline, their congestion and the risks to which they expose the population that motorbike taxis are banned from entering the city centre. In addition, some people use these motorbikes to commit acts of banditry such as assault and theft. Others snatch bags and mobile phones from users of the public highway. Prohibited from circulating in the city centre, the motorbikes have been sent back to areas where taxi vehicles do not arrive.

Published on 05.05.2023

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