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Cameroon: Gov’t takes stringent measures at ports to fight coronavirus

The government of Cameroon has taken stringent measures at the various ports of entry to detect any case of coronavirus.

Though no case of the deadly Coronavirus has been detected in Cameroon, authorities are leaving no stone unturned with reinforced response health mechanisms put in place at the various public health facilities in the eventuality of suspected cases.

At the Nsimalen International Airport in Yaounde, screening machines have been installed to checked all passengers flying into Cameroon from China.

Any suspected case will be immediately referred to the Yaounde Central Hospital where measures have equally been taken there with an isolation unit already set up to receive any patient with the virus.

Next door at the Centre Pasteur, dotors confirm all has been put in place to screen and treat any suspected case that may come up as the health facility has also acquired reagents to screen cases.

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