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Cameroon: Gov’t threatens to ban Kamto’s party

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement could be banned if it continues to disrespect and defy sstate authority, the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji has warned.

At least six persons were injured on Saturday and over 100 arrested following a protests organised by the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto.

Authorities had earlier in the week banned the protests which however went ahead especially in Douala where police were forced to disperse protesters with bullets.

Saturday’s incidents have since forced the Minister of Territorial Administration to issue a warning to the Cameroon Renaissance Movement threatening to ban the party.

“The Ministry of Territorial Administration grants authorisation to political parties under strict rules and regulations of the Republic,”Paul Atanga Nji said before warning if such rules are disrespected, then the government has no choice but to temporarily withdraw the authorisation or ban the party.

“If the leader of a political party decides to systematically defy state authority by organising unauthorised demonstrations that could threaten public order, the Ministry of Territorial Administration has the right to take certain measures like suspending the party,”Atanga Nji warned.

The MINAT boss added that Kamto’s party had crossed the red line with the protests organised in Douala, Yaounde, Mbouda and Bafoussam but was not clear if any sanctions will be taken against the party.

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