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Cameroon: Gov’t to provide more psychological support to health workers in fight against Coronavirus

The need to provide psychological and psycho-social support to health workers on the frontline fighting the COVID-19 has been stressed.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, this is necessary for all the teams on the field given the challenges the face.

“We need to focus to provide psychological support to our health workers because they need it most as they go about their duties on the field,” Dr Alain Georges Etoundi Mballa, Director Of Pandemics and epidemics at the Ministry of Public Health stressed during Tuesday’s daily briefing on the epidemiological situation in Cameroon.

In addition to health workers, family members who have lost their lost ones, those confined at home as well as those receiving treatment at the various assigned health centres need psychological support, Dr Etoundi Mballa said.

Thus, called on the population to shun all practices which tend to stigmatise either health workers, COVID-19 patients of family members of any patient.

“It is important for persons who have tested positive of the COVID-19, to find strength in the psychological support we are offering and hope they can find the courage to list their contacts as well as go to the appropriate health centres for treatment,” Dr. Etoundi Mballa said.

The Ministry of Public Health has taken the advantage to stress that the recent operation to move some patients in some health centres is in no way a means to stigmatise them but to but take care of them as well as protect health workers.

Published on 03.01.2023

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