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Cameroon Gov’t to Install Environment Tax

Green tax option in Cameroon for better recycling

Officials of key government structure and insitutions have deepened their knowledge on the possibility of instituting a green tax to curb activities that cause  harm to the environment.

Experts and officials at the capacity building meeting discussed the concept of green taxation and how it would help in curbing activities that are unfriendly to the environment. In nattendance were officials from the Prime Minister’s office, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife,MINEPAT, and Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development.

The scheme benefited funding from the European Union,EU. It was orgsnised in partnerhip with the Directorate General of Taxes.Officials said the focus was to identify leakages and step up revenue mobilisation with a view of ensuring the protection of the environment.

Experts from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation Development are quoted as having explained to participants that  green taxation touches on instituting levies on activities that emit pollutants or products that harm the enviroment,or destroy and diminish natural resources. An internal note from the Directorate General of the Budget in the Ministry of Finance is said to have un derscored the need for different sectoral ministries to be updated on what needs to be done to implement the move.


To one of the finane officials it was ” a question of equiping the participants with tools allowing the participants with tools allowing both the teams of the sectoral ministries that contribute to the management of the environment than those of the governing admin istrations to identify the tax loopholes to combine the objectives of increased revenue mobilisation with that of environmental protection”

The coming of a green tax would increase State revenue, environmentalists on their part are said to be excited that, the state is just a step away towards taking another strong action to help preserve the environment

On july 3rd, 2022 the Deputy Director General  of the National Observatory on Climate Change NOCC Forghab Patrick Mbomba hinted of looming incidents linked to climate change change. In an interview granted by state media, the official talked of impending floods,landslides and severe cold weather.


Citing examples in  cities such as Yaounde, Forghab said ” If you look at the Mfoundi waterbed that drains into the Mfoundi Market, Mvog Beti Market, alot of garbage is dumped inside. It blocks the water ways and the tendency is for water to fall back, these reasons can account for the floods in Yaounde”


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mm Published on 01.08.2022

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