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Cameroon: Gov’t to intensify sensitisation campaign against COVID-19

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Campaigns to sensitise the population on the preventive measures against the COVID-19 will intensify in rural areas, the Ministry of Public Health has announced.

During the daily press briefings held at the Emergency Operations Centre, the Ministry of Public Health said, 16.9 million Cameroonians have been sensitized so far but efforts are being doubled to reach the wider audience possible.

For this to be possible, several actors have been added to the sensitization process while the communication strategy has been improved upon to include for better outreach.

“In an effort to control the pandemic of the novel Coronavirus in our country, the government has developed several strategies including communication which is one of the key components of the response. (Our strategy) helps to minimize the spread of the disease by promoting community involvement based sharing of knowledge and information required for the adoption of desired behaviours,” Dr Alain Georges Etoundi Mballa, Director of Disease Control at the Ministry of Public Health said.

He added that the communication strategy has been improved upon to equally target the vulnerable like persons living with disabilities, pregnant women as well as children.

After the first phase of the sensitization campaign, the Ministry of Public Health noted with satisfaction the increase in the number of persons who now seek to know their status as a result of the numerous communication campaigns.

However, the sensitization needs to intensify and community actors need to get more involved to stop the spread of the virus, Dr. Etoundi Mballa added.

For effective communication on the in order to create and build confidence in the population, the Ministry of Public Health said it has consistently processed data and shared through various official channels.

Published on 03.01.2023

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