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Cameroon: Gov’t urged to review tax collection methods

Aggressive tax collection methods in Cameroon are some of the main reasons that push business persons to evade tax in Cameroon, finance and economic experts have noted.

The experts made the remarks today in Yaounde during the first edition of the Nkafu Debates for 2020 organised by the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation.

The debate centred brought together experts from two camps to analyse whether or not an increase in taxes will lead to revenue increase in Cameroon.

Arguing against, tax consultant and entrepreneur, Edison Ngeh said increasing taxes will scare more business owners who already have alot of difficulties to put up with the tax system in place.

He said, the government should rather look to educate tax collectors on friendly ways of collecting taxes which will encourage businesses to voluntarily pay taxes.

“A change of mentality by tax collectors and a significant reduction of taxes is what we need,” he said.

However, Policy analyst, Marylyse Noussi, arguing for a tax increase, said entrepreneurs and business owners should be educated to know taxes are a citizen obligation. She however stressed the taxes should be channelled by government for the purpose for which they are destined.

” We need these taxes to provide more basic amenities to the community but government needs to diversify its revenue collection methods,”She stressed.


Published on 30.06.2022

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