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Cameroon: Guardian investigated over torture of seven-yr-old boy in Douala


A man whose name we got as Gabriel Kom is said to be investigated over the alleged maltreatment of a seven-year-old boy placed under his care in the Mboko neighbourhood in Douala, Littoral region.

In a video footage circulating on social media and which Journal du Cameroon cannot independently confirm, a man is spotted torturing a child in a drum full of water.

According to the person who admits off camera to have taken the video, the scene took place at the Mboko neighbourhood in Douala recently.

The victim is a seven-year-old boy identified as Joackim and the man torturing, Gabriel Kom, the child’s guardian.

Speaking to Douala-based Equinox TV reporters, the neighbour who took the video explained that the man is fund of torturing the boy and so in one of such moves, he took the video to expose Gabriel Kom and safe Joackim’s life.

When reporters got to the man’s house, he wasn’t at home. They managed to have his number and when they reached him on phone, he said he was punishing the child for going out at night.

The boy is said to have ran away from home, meanwhile Gabriel Kom who reportedly travelled out of town is being investigated.

Neighbours want him punished for torturing the child and the later handed over to Social Affairs.

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