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Cameroon: Gunshot battle in the university of Bamenda Disrupts Studies

gunshots in Bamenda
University of Bamenda attacked

Students flee for their lives at the sound of gunshots  on Tuesday 5th April 2022, separatist fighters attack the university of Bamenda in guise of a warning for the non respected of  ghosttown opeartion.

Reports says seperatist fighters in protest of the killing of three civilians, a man and his two sons by the military booot last week announced a ghosttown operation to mourn the victims.

That not withstanding , students did not respond positively to this call as they set for school in the mornings of this day.

Security forces had abandoned a checkpoint around Nkwen and Tubah in Mezam division of the North West as heavy gunshots rattle through the area early this day.

I passed by the checkpoints at mile six Nkwen, Bambui and Bambili and there were not there,” Says Che, a transporter.

Classes and other activities have also been interrupted. It is not clear if the gunshots are as a result of an exchange between non-state armed groups and government forces or not.

Many « Ambazonia fighters »have been seen in Bambui and Bambili this day in order to enforce the ghost town operation. Those who traveled to Bambili this morning are stranded.

So far we have had no record of deaths, wounded or missing. Nevertheless some students fainted due to fright and panic.

Published on 05.05.2023

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