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Cameroon: Gunshots, ghost towns intensify as GCE kicks off in Anglophone regions

Bamenda Commercial Avenue on a "ghost town" day ©BaretaNews

The written part of the General Certificate of Education, GCE that kicked off across the national territory on Monday morning is taking place in the North West and South West regions under a tense atmosphere.

In addition to the traditional Monday ghost town operation in these two regions which made it difficult for students to board taxis to their centres, there has been serious exchange of gunshots in some parts of the North West region, sources say.

Sources say gunshots were heard in some parts of Bamenda, Bambui and Bambili early Monday morning as residents remained indoors.

Reports say security forces have engaged in a gun battle with Ambazonia fighters as deafening sounds could be heard all through the morning.

In the South West region, reports hold the GCE exams kicked off hitch free at the Bilingual Grammar School examination centre in Molyko, Buea despite the ghost town operation in somee parts of the city.

The exams also started hitch free in Limbe, according to reports but the ghost town in Kumba affected some students who had to brave the odds and trek to go and sit in for the exams, sources said.


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