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Cameroon-Hajj 2022: 500 pilgrims in Medina

hajj 2022
Pilgrims in Medina 2022

They are part of the first group of pilgrims that left Cameroon on Sunday 26 June 2022.



They are determined to perform the 5th pillar of Islam. The first Cameroonian pilgrims have set foot in Saudi Arabia. They took to the skies on Sunday 26 June 2022 from Garoua International Airport in Cameroon, bound for Medina, one of the two holiest cities in Islam. This is the site of the mosque built by the Prophet and is also his burial place. The Prophet Mohammed lived and taught there before he fled to Mecca.

There are therefore at least 500 Muslim faithful from Cameroon who are already here. They were welcomed by Cameroon’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia Iya Tidjani, who was also the head of the official delegation.

At least 1,000 Cameroonian pilgrims are going on pilgrimage to the Holy Land this year. The very first wave of 268 people took off from Garoua in the presence of the Minister of Territorial Administration, who is also the chairman of the National Hajj Commission. On the occasion of this departure, Paul Atanga Nji said the trip was facilitated by the magnanimity of the Head of State Paul Biya.

The President of the Republic granted on May 31, a subsidy of one billion CFA francs in favour of pilgrims in a context where the cost of the trip has increased exponentially, 3 294 000 CFA francs to be paid, against 2 292 000 in 2019. This support has made it possible to reduce the price of the collective Hajj of the 2022 edition to 2,924,000 CFA francs. In addition, pilgrims will be able to return with 5 litres of holy water.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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